3D virtual tour for the real estate industry

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3D virtual house tours utilize virtual reality technology to present a residence to potential buyers, enabling them to gain more knowledge about the property and envision the experience of living there, all without physically visiting the location.  


Typically, it is challenging to close a sale without an in-person visit, and even with a 3D virtual tour, an in-person visit remains necessary. However, the distinction lies in the fact that after experiencing a 3D virtual tour online, the buyer will have already made a preliminary decision about the property and will only seek a final confirmation before entering into price negotiations.  

What is the 3D virtual tour for the real estate industry? 

3D virtual house tours utilize virtual reality technology to present a residence to potential buyers, enabling them to gain more knowledge about the property and envision the experience of living there, all without physically visiting the location.  

In recent years, virtual reality has become immensely popular worldwide. This revolutionary technology enables businesses to provide customers with a preview of their offerings. In fact, nearly every industry incorporates virtual reality to some extent. For instance, medical schools employ it to provide surgical training for their students, and prominent retailers like Walmart utilize it for employee training purposes.  

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Top 10 Benefits of the 3D virtual tour for the real estate industry

Cut Costs  

Commuting repeatedly to meet prospective clients and display properties can be extremely expensive. Consider the amount of money you will be able to save on fuel!  

The most frustrating aspect is that there is no guarantee that they will make a purchase. They might not like the hallway, or they might realize that the neighborhood doesn’t suit their lifestyle. 3D virtual house tours assist in eliminating these concerns. Your sole responsibility is to upload the tour onto your website so customers can preview the property beforehand. Once they determine that a property meets their requirements, they can contact you to schedule an in-person tour.   

Save Time  

When you decide to sell a new property, it is possible that you will receive numerous phone calls from potential clients. It can be pretty time-consuming to meet with each of them. Moreover, some people are simply curious and have no intention of making a purchase.  

By providing 3D virtual tours, customers have the opportunity to view the property on their laptops or smartphones. Those who are truly interested will then reach out and request additional information. By offering 3D virtual tours, you will be able to save time, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Additionally, this ensures that you only present the property to potential buyers who are genuinely interested.  

Increase Website Traffic  

This innovative technology has the capability to generate a significant number of visitors to your website. Consequently, you will be able to attract a greater number of customers.  

When properties are listed with 3D virtual tour online, they experience an increase of more than 40 percent in clicks in comparison to those with only images. The additional clicks result in higher statistics for traffic and increased sales. Moreover, your real estate website will achieve a higher ranking in search results. By having a few 3D virtual tours, you can potentially entice more prospective buyers to explore your website and search for appealing homes.  

Receive Social Media Love  

A visually striking virtual tour has a higher potential to become widely shared. It will be circulated on social media platforms and recommended by individuals to their acquaintances.  

Although search engines do not necessarily consider social media signals when determining rankings, if your website content becomes popular on social networks, it will have a positive impact on your business. Essentially, you will experience increased web traffic because customers can discover you through various avenues. Some may stumble upon your website while conducting online searches, while others may visit your site based on a recommendation from a friend on social media.  

Decrease Your Website’s Bounce Rate  

The bounce rate measures the number of visitors who exit a website without viewing more than one page. In addition to sharing high-quality content, employing 3D virtual tours can prolong visitor engagement on the site.  

Typically, 3D virtual tours take a minimum of one minute. By providing these tours, individuals are inclined to spend longer on your website. This consequently reduces your bounce rate, leading to increased web traffic and better rankings on search engines. Moreover, 3D virtual tours enhance customer loyalty and elevate your online visibility.   

Be unique among others  

If you increase the amount of website visitors and inbound links, a larger number of individuals will discover your site. 3D virtual tours of houses can offer you a competitive advantage and distinguish your business. They will add a remarkable element to your property listings. 

In addition, customers will have more faith in you than your competitors. Some might even applaud you for coming up with such a remarkable concept! Buyers will value the extra flexibility and enhanced safety of virtually touring a home.  

Offer a Realistic Experience  

3D virtual tours serve as a continuous and accessible showcase of a property. Prospective customers can view the tour at any time, whether they are in their office or traveling.  

This technology contributes to an immediate feeling of possession. Individuals who participate in the tour can effortlessly envision themselves residing in the home. When a potential purchaser can observe a room in three dimensions rather than just a photograph, they can more effortlessly visualize themselves strolling through hallways or relaxing on the sofa in the living room.  

Get Quality Backlinks  

Every time someone shares your virtual home tours on the internet, your website gains a backlink, which serves as a direct route for potential customers to access your site. This backlink not only boosts website traffic but also aids in establishing your online credibility.  

High-quality backlinks play a vital role in determining your ranking. When reputable real estate websites link to your business’s site, search engines view it as a sign of your knowledge and proficiency. Backlinks can enhance brand recognition, reinforce your reputation, and generate continuous traffic over an extended period.  

Raise Convenience  

Before presenting a property, it is important to ensure that the house is in excellent condition. However, it can be inconvenient to constantly contact a cleaning company or consistently ask the homeowners to clean whenever the phone rings.  

By utilizing 3D virtual tours, you have the opportunity to display the property at its finest state. Additionally, you can emphasize its notable attributes to attract potential buyers. After virtually viewing the property, customers may wish to see it in real life, but you will still have extra time to make it appear at its best.  

No Technical Skills Are Needed  

Presently, some businesses specialize in crafting 3D virtual tours across a wide range of industries. Your only responsibility is to provide them with photos, videos, and floor plans of the property. A competent design company will then amalgamate all the materials and create an impressive tour.  

To enhance the customer’s experience, a virtual tour professional will incorporate background music and narration. Once the task is completed, they will upload the tour onto your website. Additionally, they are capable of making adjustments or adding extra features based on your feedback. By utilizing this technology and partnering with the right team, you can showcase an exceptional tour experience without the inconvenience of frequent property visits.  

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Feedback for 3D virtual tours in the real estate industry  

Here is some common feedback that is often received:  

– Enhanced Property Viewing Experience:  

  • Positive: Users appreciate the immersive experience of 3D virtual tours, as it allows them to explore properties as if they were physically present.  
  • Negative: Some users may find the 3D virtual tour experience disorienting or difficult to navigate if it’s not user-friendly.  

– Convenience and Time-Saving:  

  • Positive: 3D Virtual tours save time and effort for both buyers and sellers, as they can view properties remotely at any time.  
  • Negative: Users might encounter technical issues that disrupt their experience, such as slow loading times or glitches.  

– Accurate Representation:  

  • Positive: Users like 3D virtual tours provide a more accurate representation of the property compared to static images or videos.  
  • Negative: Some users may feel that 3D virtual tours make properties look better than they are and desire more transparency.  

– Detailed Information:  

  • Positive: Users appreciate the additional information often provided alongside 3D virtual tours, such as room dimensions, floor plans, and property details.  
  • Negative: Some users may desire even more detailed information, such as neighborhood statistics or renovation history.  

– Compatibility and Accessibility:  

  • Positive: Feedback often highlights the accessibility of 3D virtual tours on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.  
  • Negative: Users might encounter compatibility issues or find that the 3D virtual tours don’t work well on their devices.  

– Personalization and Customization:  

  • Positive: Some users like the ability to customize their 3D virtual tour experience, such as changing viewing angles or focusing on specific rooms.  
  • Negative: Others may find the customization options confusing or unnecessary.  

– Interactivity and Engagement:  

  • Positive: Users enjoy interactive features like embedded videos, clickable hotspots, or guided tours within the 3D virtual experience.  
  • Negative: Some users may find excessive interactivity distracting or overwhelming.  

– Cost-Effective Marketing Tool:  

  • Positive: Real estate professionals often receive positive feedback about how 3D virtual tours can effectively market properties without the need for physical showings.  
  • Negative: Some may express concerns about the initial cost of creating high-quality 3D virtual tours.  

– Feedback on Technical Quality:  

  • Positive: Users often commend well-executed tours with high-resolution images, smooth navigation, and fast loading times.  
  • Negative: Technical issues, such as blurry images or slow loading, can lead to negative feedback.  

– User Support and Assistance:  

  • Positive: Users appreciate responsive customer support for technical issues or questions related to the 3D virtual tour.  
  • Negative: Lack of timely support or unresponsive customer service can result in dissatisfaction.  


Are you involved in the real estate industry? Are you managing a restaurant or possess a hotel? If so, akaVerse can design a 3D virtual tour specifically for your business, providing your customers with a preview of your location beforehand and keeping potential customers engaged.  



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