5 Best Practices to Enhance Virtual University Online Admissions Process

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The admissions stage is the initial touchpoint between your institution and prospective students. Ensuring a seamless and efficient virtual university online admissions process is paramount.

Virtual universities rely entirely on online platforms, so the admissions process is typically conducted online. The admissions stage is the initial touchpoint between your institution and prospective students. In this digital age, ensuring a seamless and efficient virtual university online admissions process is paramount. Implementing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the process is not only a choice but a necessity to meet the expectations of applicants and drive student enrollment.   

Read the article for five best practices for a better virtual university online admissions procedure. 

Compare Virtual University Online Admissions and Traditional Admissions 

While traditional admissions often involve paper-based applications, which are submitted in person or via mail, applications for virtual universities are submitted electronically through online portals without any physical paperwork. Therefore, virtual university online admissions allow applicants to apply from anywhere with an internet connection, saving time and resources. 

Moreover, virtual university online admissions can significantly reduce the workload for student recruitment and admissions offices due to electronic document submission and verification, as well as automation in the screening process.  

Challenges of Current Virtual University Online Admissions Process 

Traditional open days and campus tours, which offered a firsthand experience of university life, have been replaced by digital alternatives. With the current virtual university online admissions process, prospective students may find themselves missing out on the chance to explore campuses and engage with the university environment.  

Additionally, personal touch in the admissions process has been curtailed, with limited opportunities for one-on-one interactions between students and admissions representatives. This diminished interaction can make the virtual university online admissions process feel less engaging and personal, potentially impacting students’ decision-making and overall experience. 

Another challenge in virtual university online admissions procedures lies in the lack of guidance available to students. Lengthy, text-based instructions on the university website or application portal can be overwhelming and uninspiring for students. There is a growing need for universities to adopt more engaging and user-friendly methods of guiding students through the online admissions journey, such as interactive webinars, multimedia resources, and virtual open days.  

Improve Virtual University Online Admissions Process by Next-gen Technologies  

Considering the challenges faced in virtual university online admissions, harnessing next-generation technologies presents a promising solution for significant improvement. Next-generation technologies encompass cutting-edge solutions like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain, among others.  

These innovations have the potential to elevate the virtual university online admissions process, eliminating the mentioned challenges for both virtual universities and students. As next-gen technologies continue to evolve, they have the power to transform the virtual university online admissions landscape, making it more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly for all parties involved. 

Below are five ways you can apply next-generation technologies to enhance the online admissions process for virtual universities.   

5 Best Practices for Virtual University Online Admissions  

Virtual open day and campus tour  

To enhance interaction and engagement during a virtual university online admissions process, your university can employ virtual open days and campus tours. Many universities worldwide have adopted these two solutions and yielded impressive results. 

A virtual university open day is an online event organized by a university to provide prospective students with information about the institution, its programs, facilities, and campus life. A virtual campus tour is also a part of the virtual university online admissions process, offering students and parents an on-demand online visit to the university campus from the comfort of their homes.  

The often-used technology behind this approach is 360 virtual tours, a virtual experience that immerses the viewer in a 360-degree panorama. You can also consider using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create a more immersive experience for open day and campus tour virtual events. Comprehensive AR/VR solution providers like akaVerse can offer immersive virtual university open days and campus tours to enhance your virtual university online admissions process. 

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AI-Powered Application Screening 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in automating application screening, streamlining the initial assessment, and enhancing decision-making during the virtual university online admissions. AI can quickly analyze application materials through advanced algorithms, including transcripts, essays, and recommendation letters. It can identify key qualifications and match them against admission criteria. This would help the admissions office streamline the virtual university online admissions process, save time, reduce bias, and increase accuracy. 

Personalized Admissions Guidance 

AI-enabled chatbots have the capacity to offer tailored and personalized admissions guidance to prospective students throughout the virtual university online admissions process. These chatbots can assist applicants with queries, provide information on application requirements and deadlines, and even offer insights into the best-fit programs. The advantage of such personalized support is that it caters to each applicant’s unique needs and interests, creating a more engaging and user-friendly admissions journey. 

Virtual Interviews 

The virtual university online admissions process aims to understand the applicants and evaluate their fit for the university. Virtual interviews allow the university to assess an applicant’s suitability and gauge their interpersonal and communication skills. Currently, most virtual interviews during virtual university online admissions can take the form of video conferencing or phone calls. However, the future holds exciting opportunities for virtual interviews to be more engaging and interactive with the help of AR/VR technologies.   

Virtual Welcome Day 

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A virtual welcome day is an essential component of the virtual university online admissions process. It offers students a glimpse into university life and sets the tone for their academic journey, fostering a sense of belonging and connection to the institution.   

The event is crucial as it can serve as the end of your virtual university online admissions process. It also serves as an introduction to the university community, providing admitted students with insights into academic offerings, campus resources, and extracurricular opportunities. Setting up virtual networking sessions where participants can meet and interact with faculty, staff, and fellow students through virtual conferences is a good idea.   

Since the welcome day requires a high level of interaction and engagement, you can elevate the experience of online participants by using interactive 3D content, AR, VR, or even mixed reality (MR). 

Ready to Revolutionize Virtual University Online Admissions? 

As embracing new trends and making radical changes to your virtual university online admissions process may take time and effort, you can start with some common practices many universities have adopted. The above five suggestions are among the most common ways to improve your through the applications of next-gen technologies such as AR, VR, and AI.   

To accelerate the transformation of your virtual university online admissions process, you can find trusted solutions next-gen technology providers that can cater to your specific needs.  

Are you looking for a company to help create a virtual open day, campus tour, and welcome day and incorporate AR/VR into your virtual university online admissions process? Contact akaVerse today! 



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