akaVerse Explodes at the GameHub 2024 Finals

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – May 11, 2024akaVerse a platform development center under FPT IS JSC, a pioneer in the field of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR/VR) technology in Vietnam, has made a strong impression by reaching a cooperation agreement with Mr. Pham Hong Quan, Director of One Soft. 

The GameHub Competition Finals, held as part of the Vietnam GameVerse 2024 event at the Phu Tho Gymnasium in Ho Chi Minh City, officially concluded with exciting and dramatic competitions between 6 potential projects. Among the activities of Vietnam GameVerse 2024, the GameHub competition attracted special attention and high appreciation from experts and investors. 


akaVerse Top 6 at the GameHub 2024 Finals 

Animal Push Royale’s Journey to GameHub 2024 

With its outstanding performance in the semi-finals, akaVerse once again affirmed its game development capabilities and made a strong mark at the GameHub 2024 event. 

akaVerse began developing Animal Push Royale in June 2023, released a beta version after a few months, and was officially introduced at Techday 2023. Although it was just a beta version, the Animal Push Royale game received many positive reviews from visitors and those who experienced the akaVerse booth at the event. 

akaVerse representatives with potential investors exchanging after the competition 

In addition, the GameHub Competition was an opportunity for akaVerse to introduce this product more widely to the Vietnamese gaming community. Not only that, akaVerse has put a lot of heart and effort into it from the idea conception stage to the completion and upgrade stage to ensure the best experience for users. In addition, with a potential game production team and a leading 3D/VR/AR platform development capability in Vietnam, Animal Push Royal has conquered the “picky” judges and experts in the field of games and technology, to win investment opportunities. 

akaVerse at the GameHub 2024 Finals 

Awards for akaVerse’s efforts and endeavours with the Animal Push Royal game 

At GameHub – a tournament for game developers in Vietnam, experts and investors highly appreciated this game project and commented that this is a quality project developed by a professional team, with a good foundation to be introduced widely to the community. In addition, Animal Push Royale has great potential, the game’s attractiveness comes from the colorful battles, suitable for all ages, promising to stir up the gaming community soon. 

Animal Push Royale takes players into a colorful and vibrant world, where they transform into cute characters, participate in fun and challenging battles on a virtual arena. Each character has their own unique appearance and characteristics, giving players a variety of interesting combat experiences. In addition, this game also possesses eye-catching and colorful 3D graphics, along with vivid sound effects, bringing players a great experience.

The Animal Push Royale game attracts many visitors to try it out

The gameplay of this game is quite simple but addictive. Players only need to control their character to move, attack, and dodge the opponent’s attacks. The game has many different game modes, including one-on-one, team battles, survival, and special modes. Each mode brings players new and challenging experiences. 

With these advantages, Animal Push Royale promises to attract many players and become one of the most successful mobile game titles soon. 

Thanks to its impressive presentation at the GameHub competition, akaVerse’s game project has been widely spread in the Vietnamese gaming community. This is also a testament to the great potential of the Animal Push Royale game and akaVerse’s game development capabilities. Publisher akaVerse also shared that Animal Push Royale will be officially launched in December with an upgraded version with full new features, promising to become a “super-hot” game this year. 


Animal Push Royale is supported at Vietnam GameVerse 2024 

GameHub is a competition to find and invest in potential game projects, held within the framework of Vietnam GameVerse 2024 – the largest game event in Vietnam organized by the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information – Ministry of Information and Communication, VnExpress Newspaper and Vietnam Game Alliance. 


About akaVerse 

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